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Unlocking the MInd

This is my first assignment for WP writing 101. Write whatever comes to your mind, unedited for 20 minutes.

The reason I am taking this course is to learn to be a better writer. I have been writing in journals for about twenty years and am so insecure that I even edit my journal writing for fear of what others might think if if there is no filter on what I write. The odd thing is that for years there was no filter on anything I said and I didn’t put anything in writing because I feared it would come back to bite me in the butt. d

I know now that my boldness and mouthy behavior was a cover-up for my own emotional insecurity. Now I don’t blame anyone for  that but I know a lot of it came from the way I was treated as a child and teen. I came from a home where dad was an alcoholic and mom worked all the time to get by ( and probably away from Dad). I decided as a teen that I would “do to others before they did to me”. Since I was only 4′ 11′ and 92 # the chip I had on my shoulder weighed me down significantly.

By God’s grace and mercy I lived through those teen years and did mellow with age, however went from bold and brassy to meek and weak. Man there had to be a middle road. Over the years the school of hard knocks  and a maturing relationship with the Lord Jesus I began to gain a bit of insight into who I was and how to deal with the things of the past that brought out undesirable behaviors. Not undesirable by others but by me. Your see I am my own worst critic! I double and triple check everything I do and therefore don’t do as much as I could or should in my perspective.

I love to learn and read and get excited about putting all I learn into practice but when the course work is done and the lessons are learned I seldom take action because of the fear of failure. The prompt for today’s lesson was about information overload and that is how I feel after taking a course. I have to have a step 1,2,3 to go by and be told just what to do next because I don’t trust my own thinking. I don’t feel I have anything of my own to offer so I live off the wisdom of those other bloggers, Christians, authors and teachers.

I have a lot of ideas of what I would like to write about and I love analogies but it is just like the writer of this assignment said, by the time it gets to putting it on paper or at the computer keys it just doesn’t seem as important or impressive and I delete or wad it up and throw it out. I have a whole box of analogies and stories I have jotted down that I would like  to expand on but there they sit in the box. The minute I pull one out and begin to try to expand on it my mind goes blank and I determine “it wasn’t such a good idea anyway.

Well my 20 minutes are almost up and I am surprised that I haven’t stopped once to change anything. So these random thoughts are there for all the blogosphere to see. And to my friend Lori who got me started blogging I say thank you. My filters are off and it has been a very liberating experience.  I have one confession to make though I did do a little spell checking. So take away my birthday, no please take it away, I’m 66.

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“Designed To Soar”

“Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” Isaiah 40:30-31 (NIV)

As I read this verse this morning I have to say until recently I have felt more like a turkey than an eagle. But as I have experienced letting go of some responsibilities that weren’t mine to begin with, and giving them to my heavenly Father, He has enabled me to increase my altitude. It is hard to soar with excess baggage. I may not be up there with the jet set but I am  beyond the clouds and the dark skies and beginning to see where God’s hand at work in the difficulties of this life.

Even though the eagle can not see or understand the currents of air that enable it to soar in the heavens it launches out into the air, by God’s design, knowing it was made to soar.

Even though we do not understand all the ways of God and can not see God we can, by God’s grace and power, step out in faith knowing, by His design, we too are made to soar.

As we take that step in faith and trust our heavenly Father with our lives He will lift us over the earth bound things of this world to soar “with wings like eagles” instead of flapping our wings furiously in an attempt to reach our desired destination in our own limited power. Only in letting go and allowing Him to carry us along on His grace, mercy and strength will we become all He designed us to be.

Baby eagles learn to fly by flapping their wings and hopping around the nest, along with jumping to nearby tree branches. After doing this for days or a few weeks, they are ready to fly out of the nest. After spending enough time hopping, flapping and jumping to other branches (called branching), it is ready for its first flight. The amount of practice time varies somewhat from baby to baby.Once an eaglet has made its first successful flight, called a fledging, it will continue to practice flying to nearby trees for a month or two and then leave the nest for good.  (Reference:,

Like the eagle, who has to go through different stages before it can soar, we are all  at different stages in our faith journey in learning we can trust Christ and soar in His strength.

Some of us are still in the nest, jumping around but going no where, in need of Jesus to help us step out of the nest and trust Him.

Some have stepped out onto a branch trusting Christ for the first time.

Some have been going from branch to branch learning to trust Christ in different areas of their life as they grow in there faith and the knowledge of God’s will.

Some have taken that first short flight but still not willing to leave the comfort of the nest completely.

And some have been walking with Jesus for a long time experience both resting and soaring in His power.(we need both)

Like the eagle who’s stages of learning to fly vary, the stages of faith vary from person to person. Therefore we can’t judge others by their how high they can fly.

Each one of us start out in the nest with no knowledge and power of our own but loved and designed by God to soar in His power in the heavens. He alone provides the power and the flight plan.

We are designed to soar!