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“Missing Aunt Faith”

I recently attended a service for my Aunt Faith, a celebration of her life. As the pastor opened up the service, he introduced himself and then offered an opportunity to anyone who would like to share a special thought or memory about my aunt. No one moved or spoke.

As I sat there waiting I felt my heart race a little and thought of so many things I wanted to say, should say, about all she had meant to me and all she had done to help me and so many others. All I could think about is how I get emotional and cry whenever I share my heart and make a fool of myself. I decided I would share anyway, but as I raised my hand, the pastor had started his message and didn’t see it. It was too late! I missed an opportunity and was already regretting it. 

I have been thinking a lot about my Aunt Faith ever since that day. I remembered how I tried to tell her how she had impacted my life over the years, but I just didn’t seem to be able to find the right words. And later as her memory seemed to fail her I wondered if she remembered.

Did she remember:?

How when we were just teens, she danced with my sister and I in her living room and taught us how to do the cha cha?

How she and Uncle Bob made sure my sibling and I got to church and youth group each week?

How she taught me, as a new wife, how to make a menu for the week and shop for groceries and do a budget?

When I went into labor for my first baby and my husband was at work and my mom couldn’t get there, she had me stay at her house until my husband came home so I wouldn’t be alone?

The many times we had tea together and just talked about life, our struggles and victories, and a lot about God and HIs goodness through them all.

When she invited me to her Bible Study on Genesis and she presented the study in a way that opened up my heart and mind, for the first time, to how exciting the old testament really was?

I watched her live by example the faith she had in God, how she loved and cared for her family and ours. How she taught me to pray and read God’s Word regularly and prayed with me. How she loved her church family and her Lord, most of all.

She loved me unconditionally and oh how I loved her. I wanted her to know how much. I want all who may read this to know how much!

I praise God and am so thankful to Christ Jesus that I will have another chance to tell her how much she meant to me. And her mind will be clear and my words will be just right. And we might even dance the cha cha and celebrate our reunion together. But for sure we will be praising and worshiping our Lord God together!!

I am missing my Aunt Faith!

Is there someone you want to tell how much you love and appreciate them? Or is there someone who needsand would appreciate your help and encouragement?

Don’t wait!

Don’t miss the chance!


Retired registered nurse Commissioned minister in the Wesleyan Church Married to George Bird with 6 children, 15 grandchildren, 12 Great-Grandchildren, 3 foster sons and 5 foster grandchildren Hobbies are reading, writing, organizing events and short term mission trips.

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