4 thoughts on “Guest Post

  1. I have not written a blog or even read a blog for several months, but today as I am called back to writing again, I started by reading your blog, God knew what I needed. I could have signed my name to that blog!! It is the very process I have been going through for the past three weeks almost to the letter. Seeking, praying, hearing answers and rejoicing for yet the return of joy in anticipating writing for Him again.
    I am a beginning writer and most at best a fair writer, but nonetheless, called to write. Your post is God’s confirmation (once again, I am a hard head!) that I must write. I can’t let past criticisms and failures get in the way. Will it come easy and will I have frustrations and failures again, a resounding yes but God won’t let it go and “Obedience is the Queen” , therefore I will, in His wisdom and strength, press on.
    Thank you Sister
    Naoma Jean

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