“Who I am and why I’m here”

This is my first blog for the course work for Blogging 101

May I introduce myself, My name is Naoma “Jean” Bird, and my blog title is Jean’s Bird House. I am new at blogging but have been writing personal journals for many years. In sharing with others and having others share with me over the years I realize there are many experiences we have, that if shared, can be sources of comfort, encouragement and even fun. I find it easier to share those experiences in writing.

Having been married almost 50 years (in April 2015) and my husband and I have raised five biological children, a nephew and three foster sons along with temporary parenting for several others through short term foster care for ten years, I have many of those “life experiences” to share for sure.  Some are funny, some uncomfortable, some sad and even some devastating, but in each circumstance I have found comfort through prayer and the prayers and encouragement of others. Each challenge in life has strengthened my faith in Jesus Christ and I want others to know how to find the strength they need as well by sharing what He has done in my life.

I wrote my first blog in July of 2013, but insecurity kept me from doing another until Sept 2014. A friend who is a blogger “Lori’s World”, encouraged me to blog and is working with me to have more confidence in my writing. I love to write and have actually started a book (barely) “Fresh Starts for Weary Hearts”. However no one has read most of what I write.

I am here to learn how to share my experiences with others in an effective way that will bring comfort and encouragement, laughter and maybe tears (tears are cleansing by the way) to those in the blogosphere. No matter what life season we are in or what we are currently experiencing, whether good, exciting or difficult someone else is or has been there as well. I also look forward to meeting other bloggers who can share there blogging wisdom and their “life experiences” with me.

I am also taking the Writing 101 offered by Word Press as well.

If you go to my  first blog in July of 2013 “Not Your Ordinary Bird  House”. It is an overview of what I will be blogging about




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5 responses to ““Who I am and why I’m here”

  1. I look forward to learning from all your experiences. Welcome to blogging!

  2. I want to read that manuscript you talk about here. Catchy title. Keep working on that. You have a wealth of info to share with others, especially those who have a calling to care for others through foster parenting. What you could share on that subject alone would fill this blog with practical, useful, God-breathed wisdom for those folks trying to determine God’s will in bringing troubled wee ones into their homes. A worthy endeavor, indeed, but a decision I am guessing requires wise counsel and a lot of prayer.

  3. Diane

    Hi Jean…you go, girlfriend!!

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