Not Your Ordinary Bird House!

Welcome to Jean’s Bird House!

I am an a retired nurse, part-time church secretary and aspiring blogger & author. My life as a wife, mom, grandmother and great-grandmother has provided me with countless experiences leading to many life lessons and my blogs are pieces and parts of it all that I hope can be thought-provoking, encouraging and even make you smile at times. So I invite you to learn with me, laugh with me and even commiserate with me at times I also enjoy reading other’s blogs and many of them have inspired me in so many ways and been and encouraged me to keep writing!

As I develop the conversation it is my hope that you will see how life can be filled with experiences that can be used as very teachable moments, to say the least. The Bird House, like most houses is a home that has been full of activities, and circumstances (good and bad) where lessons have been learned and memories made.

It is a place where children and grandchildren come and go and come back again and where friends and strangers have been welcomed. Some have come for a short time and then were gone, and some remained becoming close friends, even family. But none have come by coincidence for all were opportunities for learning, blessings and being blessed, even though we may not have recognized them at the time.
This house has seen laughter and tears; struggles and times of contentment; victories and defeats. We have worked through many of life’s challenges together and shared in many of life’s blessings.

Now I can tell you this has not always been my attitude and because of that I have probably missed some real opportunities to bless others and be blessed. But as I yield to my heavenly Father’s promptings (sometimes more slowly than others) and serve in obedience, those He brings to the Bird House, I find there will always be blessings in spite of and even in the midst of the most difficult circumstances.

“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17

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